Ceremony Ningde Nuclear Power Plant

Ling Ao nuclear power plant YAYB plant

                             Ling Ao nuclear power plant Panorama
   TEPC actively participates in the market of nuclear power and is capable of civil work and the erection of conventional island and nuclear island.
   TEPC signed the technical service agreement with CNPEC in 1999, participated in the management of nuclear island and conventional island of Ling Ao nuclear power Phase I in Guangdong. TEPC has completed BOP erection of Ling Ao nuclear power Phase II in Guangdong, auxiliary works in Guangxi Fangchengang nuclear power plant, and conventional island civil work and BOP erection of Fu Jian Ningde Phase I & II projects. The No.1 unit of Ling Ao nuclear power plant Phase II is the milestone of 0.9 billion kw record in China. TEPC has won the red flags for the quality and safety management awarded by CNPEC for many times, accumulated nuclear construction experience and trained a group of professional nuclear construction personnel.


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